Seasonal Coziness

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Seasonal greens, berries & cones herald the season with charm & tradition

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Quantity Color Description
1 Green Salal
1 Holly
1 Assorted Evergreens
3 Berry Pick
0.5 Floral Foam
3 Pinecone Pick
Additional Information
Approved Recipe Color Substitution Guidance
Stained Willow Basket Dark Brown See FTD Substitution Policy
Green Salal Green Similar foliage
Holly Varigated Any variety of Holly, Similar foliage
Assorted Evergreens Green / Varigated Similar Evergreens
Fulfillment Tips

This is a mixed arrangement and the assorted Evergreens are evenly distributed throughout the design and equally balanced. Prepare the basket liner with properly hydrated floral foam. Secure the foam into the liner prior to placing in the basket. Add interest with the addition of the accessories and holiday ribbon.

Item# Description Quantity
FT178SM Stained Willow Basket 1
Item# Description Quantity
RBN07 Acorn 1


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