New Year’s Peace

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This clear glass bowl brings a modern edge to a seasonal centerpiece.

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Quantity Color Description
3 Red 50 cm Standard Rose
2 Red Standard Carnation
3 Red Miniature Carnation
2 Red Hypericum
1 Green / Varigated Assorted Evergreens
4 Frosted Pinecone Pick
Additional Information
Approved Recipe Color Substitution Guidance
6 in. Glass Bubble Bowl See FTD Substitution Policy
50 cm Standard Rose Red 40 or 60 cm Standard Red Roses, 40 to 60 cm Standard Burgundy Rose
Standard Carnation Red Standard Burgundy Carnation, Red Mini Carnation
Miniature Carnation Red Burgundy Mini Carnation, Red Alstroemeria, Standard Red Carnation
Hypericum Red Burgundy or Green Hypericum
Assorted Evergreens Green / Varigated Similar Winter Evergreens, Similar foliage
Fulfillment Tips

This is a mixed arrangement and the flowers should be evenly distributed throughout the design in their own space with equal balance. Prepare the bubble bowl with the proper proportion of water and flower food. With the low profile of the container, you may choose to use a clear tape grid across the top of the container to give your design stability and strength of mechanics. Lightly green the bubble bowl prior to creating the design to help hold the flowers in place.


Cut ribbon into 3 even pieces. Loop and wire each piece in order to easily pic into the arrangement to create ribbon tails and add more volume.

Item# Description Quantity
C967 6 in. Glass Bubble Bowl 1


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