Winter Elegance

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Peppermint carnations, red roses, seasonal greens & a bright plaid bow provide a happy
splash of holiday colour.

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Quantity Color Description
5 40 cm Standard Rose
8 Standard Carnation
1 Green Salal
1 Assorted Evergreens
Additional Information
Approved Recipe Color Substitution Guidance
6 in. Glass Bubble Bowl Clear See FTD Substitution Policy
40 cm Standard Rose
Standard Carnation Peppermint Similar Colored Peppermint Standard Carnation, Peppermint Mini Carnations
Green Salal Green Similar foliage
Assorted Evergreens Green / Varigated Similar foliage
Fulfillment Tips

This is a mixed arrangement and the flowers should be evenly distributed throughout the design in their own space with equal balance. With bubble bowls, you may choose to use a clear tape grid across the top of the container. This step needs to take place prior to adding water or any flowers. * Tipclean the bubble with glass cleaner to remove any film on the surface of the glass then apply the tape grid.. Prepare the vase with the proper proportion of water and flower food.

Item# Description Quantity
S84806C 6 in. Glass Bubble Bowl 1
Item# Description Quantity
695720 Wired Bellring Red/White Plaid #9 1.5


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